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The Power of Meditation

Scott Milway -
Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor

 I can teach you to reliably access the centre of your
Personal Universe to get whatever YOU want from life







                               Primordial Sound Meditation  
     Create Your Own Oasis Of Calm - Discover Your Real Self 
                      Attain Inner Peace - Fulfil your Purpose
                                        Achieve Happiness


Of all the myriad techniques available, meditation has not only stood the test of time, but offers the easiest totally natural facility for individuals to reliably gain regular access to their inner powerhouse, the creative source of their mind and body, without having to resort to the advice or help of others or electronic devices. Silence is the birthplace of happiness, the font of creativity and home of the life force. Simply gaining regular access to Madyha – the still turning point of the world – will provide endless inspiration to generate an oasis of calm in this frenetic world, allowing you the opportunity to discover your real self and, by accessing the immeasurable potential of the universe, fulfil your dharma or true purpose in life. Only then will you achieve the true happiness which is yours for the taking.

Dr Deepak Chopra MD, renowned best selling author and world leader in Mind Body Medicine, has revived the ancient Vedic Technique called Primordial Sound Meditation for the modern Age of Consciousness. Rooted in India's yogic tradition, it is a powerful practice for moving beyond the mind's constant stream of thoughts into the stillness of pure awareness. As you meditate you let go of stress and enter a state of deep restful awareness. Regular meditation practice allows the sense of inner tranquility and grounded wellbeing to be infused in your daily life helping you to become calm amidst the chaos which surrounds us all.

Scott Milway, certified by Dr Chopra to offer Primordial Sound Meditation, has been teaching this profound technique since 1998 and meditating since 1979.   The technique is particularly suitable for goal orientated entrepreneurial minds of the modern era and those whose business it is to inspire and help others seeking their true destiny and life’s purpose.


Primordial Sound Meditation is a mantra based technique and reliably takes us, transcendentally, to the ultimate source of creation. These mantras are personal for each participant. They are chosen on the basis of Vedic Mathematics which determines a specific sound or vibration of the Universe at the time and place of our birth. They help to take our awareness from the frenzy of daily activity of the mind to the stillness and silence of our essential self. Gradually, over time, higher states of consciousness will be attained gaining pre-emptive glimpses of universal consciousness, the field of all possibilities and immeasurable potential. Before entering the silence properly formulated goals are aligned in a structured way as the individual goes within. By habitually practising this ancient and well proven technique we can unlock the leverage and power of the universe to fully realise The Law of Attraction and achieve our goals, whatever they may be.



  • Your own personal Mantra, cognized by Vedic sages thousands of years ago and established according to your time, place, and date of birth, will be revealed to you in a private consultation incorporating a special Sanskrit ritual to seal it in your memory.
  • You will learn how to reliably access the fourth state of consciousness and Madya – the pointless point – a state of restful alertness.
  • See a specially prepared video of Dr Deepak Chopra explaining how, over time, you will become familiar with all seven states of consciousness recognised in the Vedas – the ancient texts of the sages.
  • You will experience true Yoga – the union of body, mind, soul, and spirit
  • You will innately overcome stress and become invincible! You will not become overwhelmed by the great ups and downs of life.
  • Decreased anxiety – Increased psychological hardiness
  • By readily attaining present moment awareness you will destroy the damaging effects of the Ego
  • You will learn about and start to realise the twelve signs of inner peace simply by connecting with your true self, the one who is not overshadowed by the ego
  • Increased productivity
  • Your awareness and concentration and powers of perception will be enhanced
  • By restoring the memory of wholeness your body and mind will default to a more healthy and fulsome lifestyle. Awaken the inner healer
  • You will have more fun by lightening up – becoming enlightened!
  • You will discover untapped resources of energy
  • Increased academic performance
  • You will facilitate better eating and sleeping habits
  • Increased sensory perception
  • Spontaneous right choice will become the norm. Bad habits will fade
  • Coincidences will manifest as your sense of syncrodestiny evolves
  • Attach the power of the universe to your properly aligned goals furthermore releasing the anchor chains of stress which hold you back
  • Experience unconditional love








"I am That,
Thou art That,
All this is That,
And That's all there is"



"Sitting still, spring comes
and the grass grows"



"Dans le calme et la patience
on trouve la force"



"Take a rest.  A field that has
rested gives a
beautiful crop"



"You are what your deep, driving desire is.o:p>

As your desire is, so is your will. 
As your will is, so is your deed.

As your deed is, so is your destiny"