Scott Milway


The Power of Meditation

Scott Milway -
Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor

 I can teach you to reliably access the centre of your
Personal Universe to get whatever YOU want from life








                                                       Scott Milway

Associate of The Chartered Institute of Bankers, Member of The Institute of Management, Associate of The International Stress Management Association, Certified Hypnotherapist, and a Certified  Instructor of Primordial Sound Meditation - affiliated to The Chopra Centre for Well Being, Carlsbad, California, USA. Coaching Interactive Accredited Coach.

Scott learned Transcendental Meditation in 1979 and later wanted to become a teacher of that technique. But when Dr Deepak Chopra left the TM movement and followed a separate path, Scott became interested in his work. Now, as part of Dr Deepak Chopra's Global Network and a certified instructor in Primordial Sound Meditation, Scott is able to introduce the very latest mind - body medicine techniques to help propel clients to a new platform of self-awareness and consciousness. He also has practical knowledge of various Emotional cleansing techniques such as Sedona, Thought Field Therapy and he is also a trained Vortex Healer.

He is the Principal of Stressmaster UK, an organisation offering ‘The Total Stress Solution’ and passionately believes that, as stress results from resisting the reality of the present moment, a technique that enhances self referral and present moment awareness is the best antidote. Primordial Sound Meditation promotes this awareness gradually and reliably allows practitioners to access the wonderful power of NOW! This, combined with clear intentions and appropriate attention, will help them to achieve all their life goals and help realise their dharma and rediscover their ‘child within’.

If asked what his dharma is, he will tell you that it is to ‘teach meditation and play with the elephants!’ – a metaphor for helping people find their true self and to wallow in nature. To this end Scott has extensively travelled to play with the elephants and has a home in the North of Thailand – near the elephants.















"I am That,
Thou art That,
All this is That,
And That's all there is"



"Sitting still, spring comes
and the grass grows"



"Dans le calme et la patience
on trouve la force"



"Take a rest.  A field that has
rested gives a
beautiful crop"



"You are what your deep, driving desire is.

As your desire is, so is your will. 
As your will is, so is your deed.

As your deed is, so is your destiny"