Scott Milway


The Power of Meditation

Scott Milway -
Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor

 I can teach you to reliably access the centre of your
Personal Universe to get whatever YOU want from life








“I have enjoyed an inner calm since the course with a real sense of purpose.  I would like everyone to experience the same feelings” RR 

“Primordial Sound Meditation has been the most life changing experience of my life so far.  I was sceptical about the process and Scott was both thorough and understanding of this during his teachings. He was and still is, supportive of my learning, helping me to move forward through any blocks.  He has a wonderful sense of humour which prevents you from getting 'stuck' and allows you to enjoy the meditation process, being able to welcome any experiences and deepen your own understanding. Having subsequently attended meditation seminars with Deepak Chopra, I can highly recommend Scott as a teacher of PSM in the way that it is intended to be received”  ES 

“Thanks so much for being a very inspiring and hilarious teacher of PM!  The line re: " I am coming to give your enema." will stay with me  forever!! 
And you are just hilarious company, so thank-you so much!  I have been practicing the meditation- for varying times and have been feeling the most relaxed and excited and at peace I have ever felt. It is just quite frankly phenomenal! It is just providing me with so much mental relief- it's like a wonderful form of therapy in a way providing me with the support that it's all gonna be okay! And emotionally too. I am a very emotional persona and it is helping me balance my emotions too and just responding more calmly to situations. EC 

“I have been practicing the meditation twice a day since the course, with the exception of about 2 occasions when I missed my afternoon session.....and it is totally fantastic!...I am experiencing a totally new level of calmness and noticing the gifts from the universe at a very subtle level, it is extra-ordinary!....Over the last couple of weeks, I have been feeling a sense of overwhelm - a sense of to much to do and not enough time, I took a step back and just observed everything there was for me to do, and I noticed the subtlety with which the universe was providing me with my requests and that the overwhelm really related to receiving so much from the universe and not being able to cope with how much I was receiving!.....It's an amazing observation for me, because now I appreciate absolutely everything!.....” RA

 "I appreciated and valued the workshop last weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed the meditation and feel very enthusiastic and committed to integrating this into my life.  I thought you offered inspiration to us all and you are testament to the results, so who am I to argue!! So far so good.  Managing two twenty minutes per day, although the second one is pretty late at night.  Struggling to get it in any earlier.  Although will adapt as it becomes more of a habit, so not beating myself up about it at all.  I'm sitting back in amazement to see the synchronicity that is emerging following the weekend and has inspired me to do some disassociation that I hope creates some more space for me to do wonderful things in my training and coaching.  I feel like I am reconnecting with something pretty magical again - nice feeling!" DK 

“This was extremely well-run and professionally executed….The Primordial Sound Meditation was excellent – the theory was just enough but the practical application made it for me”  CE

"Every one who's serious about taking their lives up to the next level I feel needs to consider a  decision to attend  this fab course as the skills learnt can be draw upon not only after the course but also forever! They will always be there- to date: I’ve meditated not only at home, but on a train, bus, in a car, in an office- obviously there not for 30mins, but it is amazing how it just becomes something you have to do- it sets you up for the day, and completes the day beautifully!"









"I am That,
Thou art That,
All this is That,
And That's all there is"



"Sitting still, spring comes
and the grass grows"



"Dans le calme et la patience
on trouve la force"



"Take a rest.  A field that has
rested gives a
beautiful crop"



"You are what your deep, driving desire is.

As your desire is, so is your will. 
As your will is, so is your deed.

As your deed is, so is your destiny"